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1. Hello stranger 2. Love letters 3. Pancho & Lefty 4. Guilty 5. Thing about you 6. I’ll be your San Antone Rose 7.To know him is to love him 8. Kirsty’s song 9. One more for the road 10. Peace in the valley 11.The sweetest gift. Thank you very much from all at Comet Records Back to top 1.  Something ‘Bout You 2. ‘Til I can gain Control  3. Make you feel my love  4. Creepin’ In 5. Let It Be Me  6. Everything that Glitters      (Is Not Gold)  7. Cry 8. To Daddy Singles Available for download ONLY
Haley Sisters: When I Reach the Place I
Haley Sisters: Vicissitude
1. Three Little Birds  2. Don't Think Twice 3. You Keep Me Hanging On  4. Roseville Fair  5. Vicissitude  6. We're Together
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The Sweetest Gift (CD 06) £10.00 includes Worldwide Postage A compilation album available with tracks taken from 3 previous albums:         The Angels Break Free, No Boundaries, & Vicissitude. MP3 Singles: Over the Rainbow and Sweet Music Man available for download ONLY  from: our cdbaby store  iTunes, Amazon, & all good download stores online.
9. Dreaming my Dreams with you  10. Things Ain't Simple  11. Songbird  12. I Wanna Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart    13. I Straightened up Jesus  14. When I reach the place I'm Going  15. Hanging Loose 1. Roseville Fair 2. Hello Stranger 3. You Can Sleep While I Drive 4. Love Letters 5. Sleep On It 6. The Sweetest Gift     (a mother’s smile) 7. Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright 8 Thing About You 9. Blue Songs On Red Guitar 10.Three Little Birds 11. Pancho & Lefty 12. To Know Him Is To Love Him 13. Rainhill Boogie (Instrumental) 14. Sweet Music Man When I Reach The Place I’m Going (CD 05) Available for download ONLY: No Boundarie CD03 Available for download ONLY: cdbaby,  itunes,  amazon  & all good download stores online. Vicissitude  CD04 Available for download ONLY:  cdbaby,  iTunes,  amazon & all good download stores online No Boundaries (CD03) Vicissitude (CD04) Over The Rainbow Sweet Music Man To purchase a physical album, just add to cart. To download the album/individual tracks, click on the links provided,  or search your favourite download store for the track, or for the Haley Sisters WELCOME TO THE ALBUM’S PAGE PayPal: Buy The Sweetest Gift PayPal: View Cart

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When I Reach The Place I’m Going (CD 05) Available for download ONLY:
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