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Friends that have supported us for many many years,
gave up their homes, fed us and always make us welcome.

Billy & Jenny (Stevenage)
Cath & Ian (St Helens)
Dave & Grace (Aberdeen)
Dave & Maureen (Bristol)
Big Dick & Christine (Somerset)
Fred & Margaret (Sussex)
Ian & Moira (Banff)
Jim & Lorna (Whitly Bay)
Judy & Bernard (Rugby)
Richard & Di’  (Gloucester)
Rodney & Sue (Essex)


My big Bro’ Jimmy!  
(James Vincent)
Thanks for getting our web site started

& all your help over the years
every time we’ve had a problem, You fixed it!!!

if you need help with your site or want a website building from scratch,
When in Spain if you see James Vincent doing a gig,
You’ll have a great night & say hello before buying him a pint!
Brian, Becky & Jo-Ann.