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Register and Help launch this free site
“We need your help” For this brand new site to succeed!
Through out our lives we all lose touch with people we once were close to,
and sometimes very fond of.
These days people don’t just move from area to area, they move all around the globe.
Our intention is to build a community of people who are genuinely looking for a lost love.
Maybe you’re still in-love or would just like to catch up for old times sake
What ever your reason, it’s entirely up to you!
Remember that even if you’re not looking for a lost love, old flame or old friend,
“They just maybe looking for you!”
What ever the outcome “There will be no cost to anyone who uses!”              
All we ask is for you to tell everyone you know, as the bigger the community the better.  
Every person that registers will be another step closer to success.
We built this site knowing that there is everything to gain & nothing to lose, in other words,
if you don't find who you're looking for it hasn't cost anyone anything,
and if you do find that special someone,
it still hasn't cost anyone anything and that's exactly how it's meant to be!
So please visit
& please spread the word.
Thank you very much,

For mastering & manufacturing audio & video.
Disc Wizards Mastered & manufactured our latest album
“When I Reach The Place I’m Going”
They were extremely efficient, absolutely on the ball, excellent,
& nothing was too much trouble.
We’ll recommend them to anyone